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How to be successful by marketing your books effectively?

Have you written a book with a great story and been disappointed with poor sales despite looking into every aspect of book making?

You have that writing streak in you. But readers cannot read it unless it reaches them. And it reaches them when marketing of your book takes place.

The easiest way would be is to take the help of someone who’s an expert at marketing. Take the help of publishers such as White Magic Studios who will help you with author’s website creation, beautiful book covers. They will make your book available online or offline platforms in the best libraries & book shops of the world.

You can also DIY if you have the knack for marketing as well. Just follow these:-

  • Create Metadata which will help you in marketing and selling your books.
  • Books are judged by the cover.An excellent e-book cover creator has the power to make your book stand out for readers amongst the million others.Avail the services of a children book illustrator.
  • 3D mock-up videos can be a very effective tool for marketing.
  • Get in touch with local newspapers and magazines, niche blogs, podcast interviews, etc. ask to be a part of book presentations, book fairs, cultural events, and such.
  • Go for book reviews which will allow the sales curve move only upward.
  • You should act as a brand; which must be consistent. Let your readers know about your interests, values, passion, purpose through your website, blogs, social media etc. and follow you accordingly.
  • An author’s website is his identity. Make it as attractive as possible.
  • Let an influencer advocate your book.
  • Joinbook-lover groups to increase your readers’ base.

Would you rather concentrate on writing than ticking off the endless options of marketing?

Why don’t you rather take the help of a book design agency to help market your book?


How can you be a successful publisher?

A successful publisher must combine the aspects of vision, imagination, team leadership, ability to work with both creative and commercial acumen, and most importantly should have a passion for books.

It is an indie publisher who sees the value of an author’s special work & aids in self-publishing or the author herself/himself takes the reins of publishing sometimes.

Nurture these qualities to become a successful self-publisher. Take this piece of advice to associate with an indie publisher who will take care of the technicalities like book formatting services.

Promotion tactics

A self-publisher should understand the publishing and promotion tactics & work on to meet a reader’s expectations (say though book illustration design).


Self-publishers should have a thorough knowledge of the industry/audience for which a piece of writing has been developed and offer propositions accordingly.

Upgrade yourselves continually.

Competent self-publishers, UK like White Magic Studios leave no stone unturned to give the best to publishing a book with innovative ideas.

Perseverance/Sense of purpose

Perseverance or a sense of purpose is the mark of a truly successful self-publishing author. You may take the help of an indie publisher who is an expert. You may sometimes falter due to setbacks, but do not be let down.


After you have completed writing the manuscript, set a time line for the publication. Self-publishers like White Magic Studios will value your time & efforts. They know that some manuscripts are of no value if not published at a certain time.


An indie publisher is very positive & passionate (they have been in this field long enough) & naturally this contagious positivity impacts authors as well.

Approach publishing houses which offers the quality and world-wide distribution; both online and offline (in the best libraries of the world) but at prices that self-publishers can afford to. Publishers such as White Magic Studios are the perfect answer to your query- book cover designers near me.


Most Popular Genre of Books

Genre is the theme or storyline of a book; which it can be categorised into. The best way to start writing a story is by picking the right genre, if you are doubtful of what to write. But there is no definitive formula.

Being a writer; delving into a world of writing a book, whether self-publishing e-book or a paper back, it’s only natural to be doubtful

The only problem is that there are so many genres out there. Don’t stress; we’ve got you covered! We have the current trending literary genres you can try out right here!

You can encourage the profitability of your book if more people are interested in reading it. This means-select a trending book genre.

Romance is the most popular and profitable genre till date, that makes up for 50% of books sold, in the fiction book category. It has 2 major sub-categories: contemporary romance and historical romance.

Next in line in fiction are; crime and thrillers. Someone told, “Horror, let’s face it, is basically pretty dumb. You’re writing about events that are preposterous, and the trick is to dress them up in language so compelling that the reader doesn’t care.”

Mystery, fantasy, science fiction are also very popular.

In the non-fiction category, apart from religious books; cookbooks, self-help books, memoirs, art and photography books, biographies etc. find a place on the top of the list.

In recent years, e-books and audio-books are becoming increasingly popular. So it is advisable to get your books converted to e-books as well. Book designers such as White Magic Studios will be of service

Last, but not the least, write books of that genre which you personally read or which interests you.

After you have completed writing a book of a genre of your choice, let the rest of the publishing necessities such as formatting, editing, layouts, or an attractive book cover design, e-book conversions etc. be accomplished by professionals & illustrated book cover designer as White Magic Studios. More people will be interested in picking it up now off the shelves.


Difference between proof reading and editing

Have you completed writing your book? Now, you must be wondering- “How do I publish my own book!”

You are totally confused after a look up on the internet. Instead, why don’t you contact a professional agency such as White Magic Studios, to find out! A good agent will tell you in clear terms, without beating about the bushes, all the details.

There’s a lot to be done before your book is published. Proof reading, editing, creating e-book cover design, layouts, illustrations, creating book covers- front and back etc…

If you want a truly professional piece put together, chances are that you’d have to go for both editing and proof reading from expert resources.

Well aren’t proof reading and editing the same?Don’t they both mean corrections to be done?

No, they aren’t!

The differences are dependent on:-

Time when they are performed;

Editing takes place after the first draft of the manuscript. It continues till the end.

Proof reading takes place on the final draft, before the book is finalized and published.

The kind of issue which is addressed;

The editing process is all about making sure that the writing is structured, flows well &makes sense.

Proof reading is about the tricky spelling and grammatical errors, so that everything comes out neatly, without any inconsistencies.

The big picture;

In the big picture, editing is for addressing to the writer’s core issues. Editing can convert a not so good writing to an interesting read.

On the other hand, proof-reading is about the technical part done on an already good piece of writing.

No of words;

In editing, usually the total number of words reduces, due to the removal of unnecessary words; unlike proof reading.

Time required;

The amount of time required is more in editing because a lot of collaboration is required between you- the writer and the editor.

It is hard to proofread a manuscript you have just finished writing- it’s still too familiar and you tend to skip over a lot of errors.

If you are an indie author, the right decision would be to partner with an agency as White Magic Studios. You will be provided with an illustration artist on hire too.


Purpose of book illustrations and book cover illustrations

“Illustrations can be a big window: a looking glass into the author’s imagination.” Tony DiTerlizzi told.

Do you wonder why best-selling magazines are filled with attractive pictures and illustrations? Why are children’s books full of pictures?

Illustrations are focal to enhancing the entire reading experience. Thus it creates the best likelihood of enhanced sales as well. As Tony rightly said, an author can express himself/herself through illustrations more than words. A well-illustrated book attracts young readers and adults alike.

Are illustrations important?


Why? Let’s walk through the reasons why a book illustration agency is more important than you think.

  • Illustrations provide readers, young and otherwise;visuals of the characters, settings, surroundings and also sets the mood of the situation. Readers can immediately relate with the story.
  • It’s a tool for analysis, interpretation, active engagement other than enjoyment. Excellent tool for developing children’s analytical and interpretative skills.
  • Immediate understanding of the characters by kids due to their visual appeal. They even relate to them very well. Illustrations help the early readers to associate objects and actions with words.

 Illustrations on the covers and inside too (by White Magic Studios)

  • Story telling is made easier through book cover illustrations and also in the book. Hire an illustrator to make it fun for kids to discover clues in that inform them about vital elements of the story. You can go through the illustrations in Space Travels With Our Dog or The Secret Of Santa’s Door accomplished by White Magic Studios.
  • Illustrations on book cover is the most important factor for any book to be successful. Well thought book cover layouts tells a lot about the book; meanwhile keeping the suspense intact.
  • Illustrations makes expressing abstract ideas easy. It is complimentary to writing. It conveys humour easily.

Comics with lots of drawings appeal to kids and they love reading them more, than their text books devoid of any illustrations. People perceive images faster than words and illustrations are more attractive than other forms of visual communication. In an e-book conversion3D illustrations and animations help push up the sales of the book immensely.

Hence, if you want to raise the popularity of your book, tie up with book design agencies such as White Magic Studios who will help you with the book cover designs and also book formatting services.


Skills essential for new writers

There’s more to being a writer than just writing.

No! Not book covers illustrations, book front covers, book cover design, book formatting services, e-book conversion, self-publishing a book. These will be taken care of by the professional book design agencies.

Confused? “Writing skills is the only prerogative for a writer. What more does he require?” you’d say. No! Wrong! There are other finer details that a writer has to concentrate on; to elevate the enjoyable reading experience of your audience.

Let’s understand some finer skills required of a writer.

  • Communication skills: It may seem obvious but writers should be able to express themselves well. Book illustrations accomplished by book illustration agency helps to a great extent in this regard. 
  • Adaptability: If you are writing for a company or for someone, you have to be flexible. You may have to change from your style of writing to that; what suits their requirements. 
  • Discipline: Writing is a creative field and you may not have ideas; what to write about, some days. But you should make it a habit of picking up the pen (or keyboard) and start writing. The write-up follows gradually. 
  • Research: Before you embark on any writing project, it’s imperative to research in that particular field. Be itfiction which refers to plots, settings, and characters created from the imagination; or nonfiction which refers to factual stories focusedon actual events and people. 

How can one be organized in his thoughts with so much mess around 

  • Organizational skills: You should be organized; as in where you are keeping your stuff; in which folder or where on the desk. 

Now that you are all prepared, compose yourself, relax in that cool corner of yours, take out your notebook or laptop and pour out your creativity. The outcome is bound to be wonderful.

P.S: You cannot or shouldn’t try to do all the other book related activities such as to convert book to e-book, book formatting services, book trailers and such other aspects by yourselves. Hire an illustrator or a book design agency like White Magic Studios to do them for you. You’ll be amazed at the results.


Choose your Publisher wisely

A successful publishing house is the one that can guess ahead, not the one that imitates the past

You must have heard it before, right?

But, did you apprehend it correctly? Well, let’s tell you what it really means. Here it is.

In terms of self-publishing a book, an author writes a book and complete the entire publishing process themselves, such as editing, designing, and formating the book without the aid of a traditional publishing company. But that’s not wise

If you love story-telling and find joy in connecting people with knowledge, then publishers want to hear from you. They understand what you and your consumers- the precious readers require.

Some easy tips to recognize a good publisher

  • A publisher who rolls your content into a book which is compelling is a trusted publisher. 
  • A good publisher adds value to your wallet. 
  • A reliable publisher is the one who understands all your publishing needs, discusses with you and suggests the changes. Finally, a perfect product is dished out. 
  • Wisely choose a responsible publisher who sees to it, that your publishing sales graph moves only upwards. 
  • It should be a one-stop shop for everything that will make you popular and your book successful. Be it book layout, illustrations on cover, book illustrations, book editing, conversion to e-books, audio-books, marketing of the reading material through social media or otherwise; are some of the many services apportioned by the publishing houses. 
  • They should also provide inexpensive packages. This ensures an economical end product- the book. 
  • Feedback of other authors is the most important factor to recognise a trust-worthy publisher like White Magic Studios. These publishers take constructive criticism (if any) very seriously and work on improving themselves. 

The combination of the aspects of vision, imagination, team leadership and an ability to work with both creative and commercial acumen are the ultimate qualities expected of publishers. Such publishers make the best impression on their audience, i.e. readers & authors.


Dynamic e-books are the future of the book industry

Knock! Knock!

Hellooow!!! This is a wake-up call.

 Wake up! See around yourself and you’ll realize that you are in a fast-paced world. Ways are changing! Really fast…

There’s a lot going on between Covid-19, market slump and lock down. Despite these, we can still find a way out. We can turn adversities into opportunities.

Youngsters and oldies are getting back to reading. Yeah!!! Reading a lot. Due to the ample time on hand, facilitated by the pandemic; the statistics indicate a rise in the number of books bought. Thanks to Covid-19. (I wouldn’t ever want it to happen again.) Nevertheless, one should try to make the best out of any situation.

You must be wondering; when basic stuff, such as food was difficult to procure, how could one manage to buy books? E-books were the solution, my dear. Reading e-books have accelerated. And so did the number of readers; both young and more matured ones. The tech-savvy youth of today, who cared less about reading are impressed by e-books. The traditional readers who always read the paper paged books, also shifted to e-books, for their numerous benefits.

Would you like to understand, why e-books are more sought after, than the traditional books.

  • Advantage of space: The whole library is squeezed into a tiny space.
  • Light weighted: A few grams is the weight of thousands of reading stuff.
  • Ease of portability: Readers can carry and read them anywhere.
  • Eco-friendly: No cutting of trees required.
  • E-bookscost lesser
  • More flexible: Font size, background etc. can be adjusted according to one’s own comfort.
  • More interesting: 3D, audio & video illustrations makes e-books more interesting.
  • Immediate delivery: At a click, they are available on Tabs, Kindle, laptop.
  • Facilitates authors with the option to write large volumes without worrying about the cost of publication.
  • Increased audience: Thus increased profits.

Hence you, my dear authors, should understand the needs of the new world and flow with the tide. Accept that e-books are the new reality. Would you still stick to only traditional paper books?


Tips to successfully self-publish your next book

If this time, you are gaining confidence to self-publish your new book, then despite having your agent playing their role in various PR and various promotional activities, your responsibility towards publishing the book increases. When you are headstrong about not compromising with the traditional publishing companies, find and collaborate with one of the best self publishing companies uk, recognised for publishing various bestsellers on the same genre in which you have penned your new book.

Here are some tips to successfully self-publish your next book—

 Go for an all-inclusive package from the self-publishing company 

For printing the book, you need various services from designing the book cover layout to drawing the illustrations, particularly, if you are a children’s book writer. The best self-publishing companies are more like studios offering one-stop book cover design services to layout designing etc. 

Having the book cover designed by the expert should be on your priority list as today’s readers are more engrossed by the cover designs. Make sure that the designer you hire is well-experienced in designing the covers for several books in the same genre. 

You should place an order for a separate book cover if you are interested to convert book to ebook for the sake of your online readers that prefer the digitised version of the books of their favourite writers. 

You can also connect with such a studio reputed for having the best book illustrators for hire when your new children’s book require some fine cartoon characters to draw or you need the experts for your promotional activities. 

The involvement of the book cover designer is equally significant to support the marketing of your book on various digital platforms. You need the soft copies of the cover designs to place on the website or to use it during social media marketing or advertising to lure more worthy customers towards your ecommerce destinations to grab a copy of your new book.


Top 5 priorities when hiring a children’s book illustrator

Are you a children’s book writer? For your next book, if you have thoughts to self-publish, your concern for teaming up with a children’s book illustrator is justifiable as most of the books dedicated to kids are adorned with cartoon figures of the primary characters in the books with whom the young readers can relate to. Visit a reputed self-book publishing company or a book publishing studio to find the best children’s book illustrators for hire uk, assuring support to writers like you. 

However, during hiring the illustrator, focus on the top 5 priorities to get the best job done against the price you pay to the professionals. Check them out—

Previous book illustrations 

Despite checking the ratings and reviews of the former clients, you can discover the efficiency of the illustrators based on their previous works, like the way you check the sample works of a front cover designer before hiring. 

Contribution to bestsellers 

If you are already a successful writer or have higher hopes for making the book an immense success, before hiring a creative book layout design expert or an illustrator you must know whether they have been a part of any bestseller or not. Teaming up with an illustrator with prior experience to contribute to a bestselling book, will help you yield more.

Highly Skilled & Exceptionally Talented 

Look for a creative and highly skilled illustrator. Hiring an exceptionally talented illustrator can make your book a successful one. The professional can also support your promotional activities.

Good Listener

Hire a client-friendly illustrator for your upcoming children’s book. Their good listening capability will help you get the best outcome as they will design the cartoon figures or anime based on your thinking of those characters.

Updated with the Latest Software 

Finally, check on their expertise on the latest software for cutting-edge illustration as you check on the technologies used by the professionals offering ebook conversion services.