How can you be a successful publisher?

A successful publisher must combine the aspects of vision, imagination, team leadership, ability to work with both creative and commercial acumen, and most importantly should have a passion for books.

It is an indie publisher who sees the value of an author’s special work & aids in self-publishing or the author herself/himself takes the reins of publishing sometimes.

Nurture these qualities to become a successful self-publisher. Take this piece of advice to associate with an indie publisher who will take care of the technicalities like book formatting services.

Promotion tactics

A self-publisher should understand the publishing and promotion tactics & work on to meet a reader’s expectations (say though book illustration design).


Self-publishers should have a thorough knowledge of the industry/audience for which a piece of writing has been developed and offer propositions accordingly.

Upgrade yourselves continually.

Competent self-publishers, UK like White Magic Studios leave no stone unturned to give the best to publishing a book with innovative ideas.

Perseverance/Sense of purpose

Perseverance or a sense of purpose is the mark of a truly successful self-publishing author. You may take the help of an indie publisher who is an expert. You may sometimes falter due to setbacks, but do not be let down.


After you have completed writing the manuscript, set a time line for the publication. Self-publishers like White Magic Studios will value your time & efforts. They know that some manuscripts are of no value if not published at a certain time.


An indie publisher is very positive & passionate (they have been in this field long enough) & naturally this contagious positivity impacts authors as well.

Approach publishing houses which offers the quality and world-wide distribution; both online and offline (in the best libraries of the world) but at prices that self-publishers can afford to. Publishers such as White Magic Studios are the perfect answer to your query- book cover designers near me.


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