Difference between proof reading and editing

Have you completed writing your book? Now, you must be wondering- “How do I publish my own book!”

You are totally confused after a look up on the internet. Instead, why don’t you contact a professional agency such as White Magic Studios, to find out! A good agent will tell you in clear terms, without beating about the bushes, all the details.

There’s a lot to be done before your book is published. Proof reading, editing, creating e-book cover design, layouts, illustrations, creating book covers- front and back etc…

If you want a truly professional piece put together, chances are that you’d have to go for both editing and proof reading from expert resources.

Well aren’t proof reading and editing the same?Don’t they both mean corrections to be done?

No, they aren’t!

The differences are dependent on:-

Time when they are performed;

Editing takes place after the first draft of the manuscript. It continues till the end.

Proof reading takes place on the final draft, before the book is finalized and published.

The kind of issue which is addressed;

The editing process is all about making sure that the writing is structured, flows well &makes sense.

Proof reading is about the tricky spelling and grammatical errors, so that everything comes out neatly, without any inconsistencies.

The big picture;

In the big picture, editing is for addressing to the writer’s core issues. Editing can convert a not so good writing to an interesting read.

On the other hand, proof-reading is about the technical part done on an already good piece of writing.

No of words;

In editing, usually the total number of words reduces, due to the removal of unnecessary words; unlike proof reading.

Time required;

The amount of time required is more in editing because a lot of collaboration is required between you- the writer and the editor.

It is hard to proofread a manuscript you have just finished writing- it’s still too familiar and you tend to skip over a lot of errors.

If you are an indie author, the right decision would be to partner with an agency as White Magic Studios. You will be provided with an illustration artist on hire too.

Source: http://bookcoverdesigneruk.wikidot.com/difference-between-proof-reading-and-editing

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